Gregory Kehm

Greg Kehm Associates
The Cascadia Partner Forum (CPF) fosters a network of natural resource practitioners working to build the adaptive capacity of the regional landscape and species living within it. The CPF was formed in 2012 by practitioners in Washington and British Columbia’s Cascade/Coastal mountains who recognize the scale of the problems we face with projected climate change is larger than any one landowner or manager or organization. CPF wishes to engage partners throughout the region to create a shared vision and adaptation strategy including specific values and goals that we can foster coordination around. A limitation of biodiversity conservation today is land managers make local land-use decisions with insufficient or outdated information about the impacts of their actions on the broader ecosystem. The CPF is creating a dynamic spatial prioritization tool that models a connected, resilient network of ecologically intact habitats supporting biodiversity over time in a changing landscape and climate. By automating our modeling process in a cloud-based supercomputing environment using AI, and linking it to dynamic global datasets within Google Earth Engine, this tool provides accurate, always-current, high-resolution models. This will help land managers make decisions that minimize habitat loss, fragmentation and better coordinate conservation planning across management boundaries. Because the tool automatically updates the models it serves as a monitoring tool to track threats and quantify the effectiveness of conservation actions. We will pilot this tool in Washington and British Columbia, including building a web portal for land managers to interact with the tool outputs, reports, and media.