Gwen Bridge

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation
Gwen is a member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation and has a Master of Science degree in forest hydrology. Gwen has been working for almost 2 decades building environmental and policy frameworks for indigenous management of their lands and resources. Gwen’s approach to conservation is centered on the need to create the space necessary in order that Indigenous peoples maintain their cultural relationships to the land. The applicable land management knowledge can then be shared more broadly. The concepts of conservation biology, biodiversity, ecology, hydrology and climate science, etc., offer a complement to traditional indigenous knowledge. Utilizing both science and indigenous knowledge to protect and manage conservation areas will result in the best outcome for biodiversity conservation, cultural sustainability, and the ecological and societal resiliency needed for climate change adaptation. Gwen is working on negotiating an national park reserve establishment MOU with Parks Canada, a MOU with the Canadian Wildlife Service on Species at risk, developing indigenous governance, natural resource project management and First Nation organizational development and policy development.