Justin Beckers

Canadian Forest Service
We present an interactive web application that has the potential to inform conservation initiatives and contribute to assessing climate change vulnerabilities and adaptation in protected areas, both locally and regionally. The application transforms previously published climate velocity data presented with a handful of figures in an article to a user driven and user specific data exploration tool that provides allows the user to extract information from each area of interest. The application also provides additional insight and functionality that one cannot achieve with traditional publication figures. Climate velocity considers baseline (future) climate and identifies, for any given location, the nearest locations with similar climate in some future (baseline) period. The application allows the user to explore various climate velocity and climate displacement metrics for any protected area in North America. Additionally, the user can retrieve the actual predicted location of equivalent climate for any location within the protected area network. The data can provide information about what the future climate of a region may look like, where the potential climates of the future are found today and where the climates associated with a region today may be in the future. Users can retrieve climatic data for their protected area of interest and generate downloadable reports showing all of the available data products presented in the app. Apps such as this one have the power to reach numerous stakeholders and can provide detailed scientific results in a user friendly and specific way.