Kim Lisgo

BEACONs Project, University of Alberta and Yukon College
The Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NWB LCC) envisions a dynamic landscape that maintains functioning, resilient boreal ecosystems and associated cultural resources. To support this vision, the NWB LCC partnered with the BEACONs Project to implement a new approach to conservation planning, including the identification of ecological benchmarks to support implementation of active adaptive management. Within an adaptive management framework, benchmarks serve as reference areas for detecting and understanding the influence of human activity on ecological systems. They support the identification of management practices that sustain the wide-range of environmental, cultural, and economic values the region currently supports. The NWB LCC region has high potential for the establishment of a comprehensive benchmark network, with contributions from existing protected areas. We provide an overview of the concepts behind this work and the new products available to su  pport pro-active conservation planning.