Mary Sanseverino

University of Victoria
Using historic images taken in 1911 (Mt. Robson) and 1913/16 (Mt. Assiniboine) by Arthur Wheeler and re-photographed from 2010 to 2017 by the Mountain Legacy Project (MLP), this presentation will demonstrate advances in visualization techniques to help historic/modern image pairs speak to us about landscape level change in these iconic BC Provincial Parks. The Mountain Legacy Project continues to build out the Image Analysis Toolkit (IAT) – a lightweight, web-based application featuring multiple visualization techniques – to let us uncover what has and has not changed within an image pair. A user-defined segmentation and classification component within IAT allows landscape change to be quantified with respect to the photographs themselves. New MLP research, funded in part by BC Parks Living Lab Project, now lets us project these classifications onto both digital elevation models and associated two dimensional raster/map images. Quantification of change is no longer restricted to percentage of change within the photographs themselves, it can be expressed as actual surface area change. These advances also allow the location of areas, points, and features shown in either the historic or modern image on DEMs and maps.